UKSAS offer a host of tree surgery services as follows:

* Animal rescue

We can rescue stranded animals in high places or in locations where access is limited.

* Coppicing

Cutting back of selected tree species to just above ground level, carried out on a planned cycle

* Crown Clean

The removal of dead, dying and diseased wood, broken branches, crossing branches, rubbing branches, unwanted epitomic growth and climbing plants

* Crown Lifting

Removal of lower branches to a desired height

* Crown Reduction

Reducion of the overall size of the tree whilst retaining the natural species crown shape

* Crown Thinning

Removal of inner secondary branches to produce an even density of foliage throughout the crown


Removal of all dead wood only

* Disease and Pest Identification

Assessment of the tree/s for overall health

* Dismantling

Taking a tree down in an area with a small drop zone, this is done by taking sections down using rope and pulley systems

* Felling and Stump Grinding

A series of cuts at the base of the tree allows the tree to free fall into a selected safe area, and removal of stump to below ground level thereafter

* Pollard

Removal of all limbs back to trunk

* Site Clearance

Removal of all trees, shrubs and other vegetation prior to development for commercial or agricultural purposes

UKSAS Special Arborist Service cover all tree surgery work other than landscaping

Contact us to book an assessment from our highly skilled, qualified arborist and a formal written quotation



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